6 Infographics for us to help you Design the Perfect Logo.

A logo represents everything a brand stands for. More often than not, people identify a company by its logo more than the brand’s name. It is therefore important to have a professionally designed logo to get off with establishing the brand identity. A logo that can be used in products, like app or game splash screens, websites and also in business cards that are handed out to potential clients.

But what makes a logo perfect? What are the design fundamentals that go into the making of a powerful logo? To help you understand these and the process behind logo design, we have brought for you some great infographics. These infographics may not present rigid rules, and you may need to break the mould; nevertheless having a set of guidelines is always handy to get started with and save time.

1. The Recipe for a Perfect Logo.

This comprehensive infographic by Company Folders illustrates the qualities that a successful logo must have. Each trait of a good logo like uniqueness, timelessness, simplicity, adaptability to fit multiple size screens and consistency has been explained with examples of logos of famous brands.

Source: Company Folders

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