8 Facts About Writing Engaging Blog Post.

8 Facts About Writing Engaging Blog Post

Blogging is quite fashionable these days, many people consider that one can develop a successful blog and get in the middle of the attention just by having a blog
Well, it is not like that. It is not enough to just have a blog and start writing whatever crosses your mind so you will have what to post.
Most blog readers are looking for useful and fresh information on certain subjects, so if you care about the people that read your blogpost and really wish to make it into this business, you need to be concerned about how and what you post.
Here are the most 8 crucial things you need to know, to write an engaging blog post and become a reputable blogger.

1. Quality, and only quality

No one cares how many words your blog posts have. You may very well write just a few lines, because if they transmit something important and interesting, your blog post will be much appreciated.
So spend some time researching for content and creating an agenda. Once you find a topic worth mentioning on your blog, write it down, and add some sub-points as well.
All the topics should be put together in an editorial calendar, which should be respected and maintained.

2. Come up with an incredible title for blogpost

The title of a blog post is like an invitation to a great event. You need to make it eye catching and stir curiosity in readers. A dull title will only tell people that the content is the same, regardless of how much time you spent researching and putting the blog post together.
So don’t treat this matter lightly. Spend time in finding the most amazing, convincing, and brilliant title that will make people want to click on it.

3. Make sure the content is well-organized

Not only the quality of the content matters, because the way it is structured also counts. Use writing software that will allow you to properly structure your blog post.
Use headings, bullet points, lists, and others methods that will make the content look organized and will help the reader find the useful information faster and easier.
A blog post that starts in the same way it ends will confuse the reader and will take away all his patience, the result being that he won’t stay for too long on your blog, not coming back either.

4. Write only about true facts

No matter how interesting forged and exaggerated stories may look, they are not good for your reputation. Soon, people will realize that you are lying in your posts and your blog will fall.
Even if you find an interesting piece of information, make sure that it is real. Look for evidence that will support its credibility, before using that information in your blogpost.
The excuse that you didn’t know that piece of information was fake will not work. People expect, since you started on the road of blogging, to check the info you are posting and to be responsible for what you blogpost. So be careful.

5. Always share personalized content

One essential question arises when it comes to your blog. Why did you start one anyway? Most certainly you did this because you want to create a unique online presence or brand.
You can achieve this only by posting personalized content, something that has your unique touch, and not content you copied from others.
Of course, there are some facts that cannot be changed, but the way you express those facts, after passing them through your personal filter, can be unique and fresh, even if the information is rather old.

6. Do not forget about SEO

The idea of starting a blog is great, but you also need to be ready to fight for the position and reputation of your blog and blogpost.
As you may already know, the Internet is packed with sites and blogs, the competition being quite harsh. If you want your readers to find your blog then you need to adopt an efficient Internet marketing strategy.

At the moment, there isn’t any strategy better than SEO, or search engine optimization.You need to have a focus keyword placed at important positions like Title, first paragraph, sub headings and URL of the post. Do not use it excessively just a density of 1-2% is enough.
For WordPress blogs Yoast SEO plug-in is a great help, which will tell you what needs to be done so that your webpage will produce better SEO results.
I use keyword planner tool to find out best keyword ideas to use as focus keyword in my blog post. But, if you want, you can always hire a SEO professional for this matter.

7. Encourage readers to get engaged by posting opinions and feedback

Anyone reading a blog post may have an own opinion about the subject discussed or presented in the post. One way to capture the attention of readers and make sure they will spend as much time as possible on your blog is to get them engaged.
Encourage them to express their ideas and opinions, luckily that will generate into a discussion on your blog. When you have discussions created it is a good sign, because it means that you already created a small community that follows your blog. But, do remember to answer to any questions and to personally participate in these discussions as well.

8. Create a visual impact by adding high-quality pictures in your blogposts

Having photos on your blog shows that you care about how your blog is looking. Also, well-chosen and high-quality pictures will increase the impact of your blog posts, attracting the attention of your visitors and making them want to read your post.
Of course, as mentioned earlier, you will need to have an irresistible and incredible title that will accompany the image, if you want to stir interest in your visitors and keep them hooked in.
Use images for your blog post which are allowed for reuse or buy your own HD images from stock images. Crediting the owner of the images in your post with a link is an ethical practice of blogging and must be followed.
As you can see, it is not much difficult to write a engaging blog post. The best results will show if you show care towards your readers, by always delivering the best content, which is put in an original light, is well-organized, and provides useful and truthful information.
You can easily create your own brand with the help of a blog, if you always strive for quality. It is going to involve work, efforts, and dedication, but the accomplishments will make all of these worth it.
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