Direct Mail (EDDM)

What Is EDDM?

It’s a program created by the USPS®, primarily for business use, that enables you to mail to every address in a given area, without having to print an address on the mailpiece. This reduces your direct mail costs by eliminating the need for mailing lists and inkjetting.

Direct mail produces about $2.05 trillion in sales, or 8.7% of the total US GDP each year. 79% of consumers will
act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. Direct mail also
yields, on average, 2-3 times greater response rates than email marketing.

What Are The Size Requirements For EDDM?
The most popular format used with EDDM is the commercial flat. A commercial flat must be more than 6.125” tall OR more than 10.5” wide. The largest size the mail piece can be is 12”x15” to qualify. The mailers must also be equal to or greater than 0.007 thick.

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Are you still trying to figure out how this whole EDDM thing works? Many of my clients understand the idea, but have questions like, “What’s included?” or “Can I target specific demographics?” Don’t worry. Even if you’ve never used direct mail before, it’s a breeze to get started! In fact, business owners and advertisers, just like you, have mailed many successful postcards and flyers campaigns with Heavy Graphics Marketing.